Arash Nohehgar

​My background in hairdressing began in Iran where I learnt to cut Men’s hair. I worked in a busy barber shop with 5 other barbers in Rasht (northern Iran). I worked there for a year before supplementing my practical skills with a barbering course in Tehran (Iran’s capital) for a year.

I moved shortly after my barbering course to New Zealand where I started working in my mum’s Ponsonby hair salon, Britannia Barbers. Here I worked for a year before starting a hairdressing course at the Servilles Academy in Auckland.

I graduated with my certificate in hairdressing from the Servilles Academy on 11 Dec ’09 after which I worked in my mum’s other salon, Three Lamps Hair Boutique, for 6 years as a senior hairdresser.

After these 6 years I decided to start my own salon with my wife Moni, and this is how A&M began.